Medical nutrition

Even though the purpose of Medical Nutrition is not to cure a disease, it is highly recommended by healthcare professionals as a medical supplement to treatment. Proper attention to nutrition can assist in an easier recovery and an overall better immune system. A healthy and balanced diet can help patients restore their strength faster, heal properly, and maintain the energy to cope with the side-effects of treatment.

Several medical conditions, diseases or drug side-effects may force a patient to follow a special diet. There are cases where the patient loses appetite for normal food or is unable to swallow or normal food intake is not possible by any means. Sometimes, nutritional recommendations can be designed to alleviate allergy symptoms, delay the growth of a disease or prevent complications.

In both hospital environments and community settings, Medical Nutrition products aim to offer a solution to these problems and provide therapists and doctors with more options in medical treatment.

Rocam Ltd designs and delivers a wide range of healthcare products for a great variety of medical conditions. Various vulnerable groups, cancer patients, elder people, infant and young children can benefit from our products.